"I was on the human hamster wheel" - how Theresa's NDE transformed her life

May 16, 2020

Karina Machado speaks with Theresa Byrne, a martial-arts and self-defence expert living in Colorado, whose near-death experience in 2014 following a hit-and-run impacted every facet of her life. From the physical after-effects of a Traumatic Brain injury, to the spiritual inquiry sparked by the NDE, and being diagnosed with PTSD, depression and anxiety, Theresa had a lot to cope with during her two-year recovery. Her experiences led eventually to her acclaimed TED X Talk, The Danger of Your Inner Bully

I so enjoyed my conversation with Theresa. We spoke about the two prayers she spontaneously uttered as her car was about to collide with a brick wall, the ineffable peace she felt in a "grey" place, the life review that showed her she was on a "human hamster wheel" and never stopped to appreciate the good she'd done for others, how our thoughts and words are so powerful, the answer she received when she asked about "the name of God" and the importance of fulfilling our soul's mission in a self-honouring way. Plus, so much more!

As her story unfolded, I found much I could relate to, and learn from, and I think you will too. Stick around to the end when she shares three of the most powerful takeaways from her life-changing near-death experience. 

Connect with Theresa at her website.

Watch her TED X talk, The Danger of Your Inner Bully


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When Courtney met Krishna - channelling the Hindu deity, and his chilling warning about 2020

Apr 26, 2020

My guest, Courtney Beck, has an utterly fascinating story that incorporates many timely gems of wisdom regarding the current pandemic. For Courtney, a dark night of the soul led to a spiritual awakening that completely overhauled her life. Courtney went from being a strategist in the highest echelons of the corporate world, to a healer, coach and channel for the Hindu deity Krishna. That bond between them led to the channelled book, Conversations with Krishna, the first of three books they would publish together. Here's part of Courtney’s bio:

"Courtney Beck appeared to have it all. She worked in advertising as a well- respected and well-paid strategist for some of the world's top brands and after years of climbing the corporate ranks, Courtney finally attained her dream position. She had a wonderful family, a close circle of friends and lived in a beautiful home by the water on Sydney harbour.

Just shy of Courtney's thirty-fifth birthday and only two months into the role she had worked her entire career to land, she experienced what those in the spiritual world know as “The Dark Night of the Soul,” a time of unexpected and unplanned deep introspection when we question our very purpose here on earth. A divine voice called out to her asking her to pursue a path she never imagined. The problem for Courtney was that this deeply personal transformation was not easy to explain to her loved ones, nor was there a box for it on a company form. She could ignore it and continue down the traditional path she had trod or she could answer “The Call” knowing that life as she knew it would change forever."

That’s just the beginning. Settle in for a truly mind-stretching conversation encompassing Courtney’s introduction to Krishna, and how he told her in 2016 about the “rebalancing” that would change everything in 2020. Among other eerily prescient warnings, Krishna said all of the planes would land this year. Talk about goosebumps ... Enjoy my conversation with the warm, wise and delightful Courtney Beck.

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Inside the Secret Life of Fairies

Apr 07, 2020

Karina Machado interviews author and lifelong spiritual seeker Maggie Hamilton, who’s joining us to share the story behind her new non-fiction book, Inside the Secret Life of Fairies, published by Hay House. 

Maggie has a wealth of spiritual wisdom to share. She spent her early years immersed in Nature, then fell into working in book publishing. Now she writes books and for magazines; gives frequent talks; and is keen observer of social trends. Her books, have been published in Australia, New Zealand, Holland, Italy, China, Lithuania, Korea, the Arab States and Brazil. Nature is her ‘go to’ place, while living in the inner city. Maggie's new book Inside the Secret Life of Fairies is her love song to Nature and all the secrets it has gifted her. Passionate about life, creativity and beauty, Maggie loves finding the extraordinary within the ordinary.

Enjoy my uplifting and heart-expanding conversation with Maggie, who shares a lifetime of insights about the natural world and the spirit world, all of which is more valuable than ever in these unsettling times.

Connect with my guest Maggie Hamilton:

www.maggiehamilton.org  @maggiewhispers + www.secretlifeoffairies.wordpress.com

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"I didn't want to believe this was real"

Mar 23, 2020

Meet Lisa, a teacher from outback Queensland who reports having strange experiences from the age of 2. That doesn't mean she's accepted them. In fact, "I've always been a bit of a skeptic," says Lisa, who shares her lifetime of encounters with me on this week's show. Listen in as Lisa tells us about the "peaceful" recurring dream - a possible past life? - she began having as a toddler, and the stunning moment when the spirit of a young woman who died tragically appeared to Lisa pleading for help. It was this encounter that deeply troubled Lisa and propelled her to seek - and receive - a medical diagnosis. Yet the experiences continued...


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A Conversation with Jesus - Part 2

Mar 02, 2020

I’m thrilled to present part two of Pauline’s extraordinary life story. If you haven’t listened to part one, I encourage you to scroll down and press play on that one first, so that you can hear Pauline share the details of the near-death experiences she had at age 7, and then, 11, the latter encompassing an amazingly in-depth and transformative encounter with Jesus.

In part two, Pauline, a counsellor and artist from Adelaide, picks up the story after waking up from her NDE at age 11. She tells us about what life was like after that, and about the spiritually-transformative experience she had at age 33. There’s so much in this episode, including Pauline’s most recent NDE, following a traumatic experience in 2015, and how that led to what she calls her year of grace. Stay tuned to the end as Pauline shares her insights into the benefits of spiritual practice for mental health, and her incredibly valuable insights into the importance of healing our own inner wounds if we want to be of service to others.

Quick reminder, also, that the 10th anniversary edition of Spirit Sisters, my book that inspired this podcast, is now widely available. If you pick up a copy, drop me a line to let me know what you think.  

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A Conversation With Jesus

Feb 08, 2020

When Pauline had a near-death experience after a fall at the age of 11, her spirit left her body and rose high up into the air – she even remembers feeling how “freezing cold” the clouds were. “I had this self-awareness that all of the layers of anxiety are gone, everything’s gone, and I’m just my pure self,” recalls Pauline, today a counsellor and artist living in Adelaide, Australia.

Next came “the bliss of the light,” as Pauline describes it. But the otherworldly experience was only beginning for Pauline, who soon found herself face to face with a smiling young man who radiated love she knew to be Jesus. Mesmerised by this being who “looked like a hippie,” as Pauline puts it, she listened, entranced, as he shared his gentle wisdom with her:

“He explained the oneness to me, that everyone was equal in his eyes.”

“It’s about focus – if you look through loving eyes, you can create a beautiful life.”

“He told me plainly that everyone is given life to learn to love – and that includes ourselves.”

 There is much, much more, as you’ll hear in the first instalment of this special two-part interview with Pauline. I am so thrilled to share this episode with you! Enjoy the show.


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Leonie Evans Died Three Times

Jan 19, 2020

"I would have this little troop of ghost children that would play hide-and-seek with me ... they were all dressed in their Sunday best. I remember the little boy - his shorts would be ironed to a razor-sharp crease - and the ribbons in the hair of the girls."

This episode, we have the pleasure of welcoming an original "Spirit Sister," Leonie Evans, whose story features in my book. Leonie is one of those unsung mediums in our midst who so fascinate me. With no fanfare let alone a big pay cheque, Leonie is one of these women with a startling ability to see beyond the veil, as her quote above attests.

In Leonie’s case, a near-death experience at the age of five may have enhanced mediumship skills that had been apparent since she was at least 3. You’re about to hear about that and much, much more, as Leonie joins us from her home in Sydney’s west to reflect on a lifetime of encounters with the spirit world.

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"I am within you, and without you, Mum."

Jan 03, 2020

The day her son died his mother, Laura, wild with grief, ran to the place where he drew his last breath and shouted to the sky, "Alex, if there is a life after death, I will find you!" That tragic day in 2007, launched my guest, Melbourne artist and author Laura Tomei, on a profound journey of spiritual awakening, triggered by the abundant signs her beautiful 18-year-old boy sends her almost every day.

Laura is passionate about spreading the message that love never dies, as you'll find out in our conversation, which is in parts heartbreaking and uplifting, as Laura gifts us with story upon story about the ways Alex, her only child, shows her he is still alive, albeit in some other place. "I am with you, and without you, Mum," he poetically told her, in one mystical meeting...

As Laura tells me, "We have to learn a new vocabulary between our world and their world."

Enjoy the episode, and please take a moment to rate, review and subscribe to the podcast. Thank you.


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Healed by Mother Mary

Dec 13, 2019

Today's episode of Spirit Sisters features two of the most important figures in the Christmas story. You'll be stunned when you hear who appeared in my guest's bedroom one night, and how that visit transformed her life. Laura Neeson reached out to me with the generous intention of sharing that astoundingly beautiful encounter - the pinnacle of her lifetime of extraordinary experiences - because she wants to pass on her powerful message of hope and healing to everyone. 

Fittingly, for a story as miraculous as this one, something wonderful happened as we recorded the interview, which you'll hear about in the course of the episode. This was the first time something like this had ever happened during a recording, and the shock in my voice says it all ...

I treasure this conversation with Laura, which reminds us of the healing power of sharing our stories, and about the ways we’re transformed when we decide to acknowledge our ever-present connection with a force greater than ourselves. We could call that force the creative, life-affirming power of Love.

Enjoy this amazing story of despair, of finding faith and hope, of a pilgrimage and an extraordinary encounter one night when all hope seemed lost.


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Fairies, frights and ghosts galore - a gifted Scotswoman's haunted life

Nov 18, 2019

Scottish-born, and with a lifetime of mysterious experiences behind her, Faye Young says clairvoyance runs in her family and that, being of Celtic descent, she has always considered her mediumship to be an everyday part of life.

Faye, who lives on Australia's Sunshine Coast, studied English Literature at the University of Queensland before giving that up to become a full-time carer for her mother. Today, she is busy writing a book about her lifetime of enchanting, moving and, yes, occasionally terrifying, experiences. From a childhood brush with fairies to living in haunted houses around the world, and the healing visit from her mum Faye calls “the main experience of my life,” listeners are in for a treat.

I hope you enjoy getting to know Faye as much as I have. And remember, if you love Spirit Sisters, please rate, review and subscribe to help spread the word. 

Potto Hall, where Faye lived with her "house ghost," Mr Strickland, on the estate's servant quarters.

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"What I do to you, I do to myself" - what mystical experiences teach us

Oct 24, 2019

Researching my books, I found that, broadly speaking, there were two kinds of interviewees, those who’d had one, key unforgettable experience, and those who'd had a lifetime of encounters. My guest this week, Emily Rodavich, is one of the latter. In our conversation, we discuss her books, Mystical Interludes and Mystical Interludes II, as well as the childhood event that ignited Emily’s fear of death, the life-transforming near-death experience she had at age 18, and the astonishing spontaneous past-life vision that took Emily back hundreds of years to a lifetime as a dancer in Siam, now Thailand. Plus, much more.

Emily also shares a very moving story about the three steps to forgiveness that she learnt following a very painful chapter of her childhood. At the end, she also shares the key lessons that can help us all lead more loving and fulfilling lives, lessons she’s gathered from her lifetime of mystical experiences, so be sure to stay for that.

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"It doesn't end when we take our last breath" - a heart specialist's NDE Part 2

Oct 06, 2019

Karina Machado presents part two of her conversation with Sara, an Australian Cardiac Diagnostic Specialist whose near-death experience last year radically transformed her life and her understanding of what her purpose is on this earth. Since recording this interview, Sara's been dedicating her time to the formal study of meditation and mindfulness practices, and will attend Harvard University’s Mind Body Institute this month to gain further accreditation.

In this episode, you’ll hear about some of the after-effects of Sara’s NDE, her new understanding of the “intrinsic” role spirituality plays in our overall health and her insights into suffering and how for her it’s been a wonderful teacher. She tells me about her ongoing connection with her late father, Jack, and how 3 weeks after Sara’s NDE he also visited his granddaughter in a dream visitation bearing important information about Sara’s rare auto-immune disorder.

Sara also shares an astonishing story about a dream visitation she had prior to her NDE, when her brother-in-law who died in tragic circumstances came to her with a message for her twin sister. Sara has some very moving insights to share at the end, when she sums up the most important lessons she learnt during her NDE, so please stick around for those. Enjoy the uplifting conclusion of Karina's conversation with Sara, which picks up with Karina asking her about the book that was shown to her during the NDE, a book she now knows destined to write.

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"Uniting in love is the answer to everything" - a heart specialist's NDE

Sep 15, 2019

Karina Machado speaks with Sara, a cardiac diagnostic specialist and mother of three from the Southern Highlands of NSW whose life was forever changed by a near-death experience in late 2018. But immense suffering preceded her NDE - which wasn’t her first, though it was the most powerful - and in part one of our two-part conversation, Sara shares her story publicly for the first time. 

In part one, you'll hear about her first NDE and the events that led to her being diagnosed with the rare auto-immune disorder Behcet’s Disease, and how that led to her second NDE, in which she met her beloved mentor and father (himself a renowned cardiologist). Sara also relates the profound impact of her life review and the lessons it carried about the power of choice. “Do we turn to love every moment?” asks Sara.  “We are here to look after and serve one another in love, through love and with love.” 

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The Premonition

Aug 28, 2019

Listen in, as Karina catches up with retired French translator Micheline, whose unforgettable story appeared in her 2009 book, Spirit Sisters. In November 1963, Micheline was working as a nanny in London. One night, she had the most disturbing dream of her life. It so troubled her that she mentioned it to her employer, and then described it in a birthday card she was posting to her mother in Paris. A few days later, as her mum was reading her daughter's birthday wishes, news broke that the President John F. Kennedy had been assassinated. Micheline's dream had come true, exactly as she saw it, except for one key detail...


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A Brother's Love Never Dies

Aug 10, 2019

My guest today, coming to us from beautiful Forster on the NSW coast, is Deb Carr, whose stories of communication from her late brother, Gary, appear throughout my book Love Never Dies. Deb, a single mother of two who publishes the popular Sydney Chic blog, grew up in New Zealand with her three brothers. A shadow fell across their world when Gary was 10, as Deb is about to share with us. What happened to the little boy plunged him into depression and led, eventually, to his decision to take his own life at the age of 34 in 1998. Deb was inconsolable and it was only her experience of hearing from him a few days later that stopped Deb from succumbing to despair. Please note that this episode references sexual abuse and suicide.

If you or anyone you know is struggling , please call Lifeline Australia on 13 11 14.

Deb's blogs: 

Sydney Chic

The Jasmine in the Forest

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A Psychologist's Journeys Into Other Worlds

Jul 28, 2019

This week, Karina Machado speaks to Alison, a psychologist from NSW who has some fascinating experiences to share about .

Alison has worked in the health industry for more than 25 years. Initially starting out as a herbalist in private practice and then moving into the field of psychology, working as a counselling psychologist for 10 years. Alison is a qualified Gestalt Therapist and currently works as a business mentor for women studying their MBA. A mother of four adult children, Alison is a calm, sensitive and intelligent woman who now works with her husband developing storytelling videos.

Alison tells me that her spiritual experiences have absolutely enriched her life. I know that listening to them enriched mine too, I especially marvelled at a mystical moment of connection that saw her experience a range of lives - one of them, not even human - across a wide gamut of time frames and environments. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything like this so listen out for that.

Resources Alison mentions:

Stan Groff, psychiatrist and author who developed Holotropic Breathwork

Edgar Cayce, late US clairvoyant and mystic

"Death is Life's Last Great Adventure" - a hospice nurse shares sacred lessons

Jul 07, 2019

Karina Machado speaks with Lydia, a palliative-care nurse from Adelaide who’s witnessed time and again how love lights the way at the edge of life. I’ve long been fascinated by the beautiful, mystical experiences that are reported to occur at the bedside of someone on the threshold of death, and in our conversation, Lydia shares moments she’ll never forget that are part and parcel of her sacred work tending to the dying.

Listen in as Lydia tells life-affirming stories about the moments that precede death - what one of her patients described as “life’s last great adventure" - and reveals the lessons that transformed her life. Among them, the gifts of ageing, the importance of self-love, living in the present moment and embracing authenticity. Listen in to the end, when Lydia reveals the magical story of the bookmark she discovered beneath a patient’s bed that contained an Aboriginal proverb that sums up Lydia’s work and life ...

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Finding Heaven on Earth - Part 2 of Faith's Near-Death Experience

Jun 24, 2019

In the second of a two-part interview, near-death experiencer Faith takes us into her harrowing journey back to hope after her life-changing NDE.

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Hell on the Way to Heaven - Faith's Near-Death Experience

Jun 10, 2019

In the first of a two-part interview, Faith, an Australian mum of two, speaks for the first time about her terrifying, beautiful and life-transforming NDE. 

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Pat's Final Miracle

May 28, 2019

This story will make you question reality. Naomi tells Karina Machado how her mum accomplished the impossible as she lay in bed, dying of cancer. 


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Episode 2 - The Homecoming

May 13, 2019

Karina speaks with Kath Campbell, whose experience of seeing her daughters' spirits after their tragic deaths gave her the strength to go on living.


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Episode 1 - The Family

Apr 28, 2019

Karina catches up with Amy, an Australian teacher and mother of four whose chilling encounter at a childhood sleepover features in Spirit Sisters

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Spirit Sisters Introductory Episode

Apr 13, 2019

In this introductory episode of the Spirit Sisters podcast with Karina Machado, Karina shares the story behind her bestselling book.

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